A Coming End to Our Hiatus

Peace be to you! We now all are still borne aloft on the triumphant airs of Easter after the long slog of Lent – which, unfortunately, saw no new additions to the Daily Decade.

I only just realized that no post was made here to explain things; the bulk of listenership seems to be from Telegram, so thats where the announcement was made (and in the recording, of course). I hope the few visitors to this site will forgive me for that. Turns out recording and posting a daily podcast, even recorded as it was in the car and less than a half hour long, is fairly demanding; when one enters a spiritual desert or faces an uphill battle in terms of prayer life and devotions, as happened to me going into this year and intensified in Lent, burnout hits quickly and unforgivingly.

During the last 70 days (it feels like a year) since the Daily Decade was last updated, it has become clear that this kind of devotional podcast simply doesn’t exist elsewhere and won’t exist unless I make it. Plenty of dissident political and religious podcasts exist – too many, in fact, as we see by how many fall off because of a lack of financial support. Aside from the lives of the Saints being circulated by Sensus Fidelium, though, (and that for a niche audience) there is nothing for those feeling the greatest discomfort in this hellish modern world, opening to them the benefits of a devotional life and the opportunities for reflection it affords.

Both to those within the bosom of the Church and those outside it desperately seeking God, the realm of social and cultural reaction and dissent offers them plenty to inflame their passions but little of the salve and balm they so desperately need. This cannot come from false hopes of political success, as one sees from the QAnon cult, much less from the “blackpill” or apocalypse-obsessions of those reading and re-reading prophecy licking their lips at the possibility of Divine Calamity. It can only come from the stern command and comforting embrace of Our Lord, spoken to us by Our Blessed Mother. No better manifestation of this comfort and discipline exists than the Holy Rosary, the entire reason the Daily Decade exists.

So we will be back. I will be back. I have set a preliminary date of return for Ascension Week, but it may be sooner or I may wait until Pentecost. Stay tuned, and pray your Rosary every day!

God love you!

Published by Mario J. Goretti

The voice of the Daily Decade, TradCath missionary to the Americans, pilgrim in the Valley of the Shadow of Clowns.

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