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S9E2: The Resurrection(s) in Our Lives The Daily Decade

Today's Daily Decade, for the Feast of St. Placid and his Companions, offers prayers for K, for the discernment of God's will and motivation to act upon it. We beg the intercession of St. Ignatius of Loyola, whose violent conversion experience offers us all a model for interior conversion and living each day To the Greater Glory of God. Today's Reflection is on the four resurrections in Scripture, the three resurrections we experience in our day to day life as Christians, and how they relate to that One Resurrection which made our Salvation manifest. 
  1. S9E2: The Resurrection(s) in Our Lives
  2. S9E1: The Annunciation & Our Love of God
  3. S8E15: The Crucifixion, Caritas, and the Creed
  4. S8E14: The Coronation of Our Lady and Our Dignity
  5. S8E13: Finding Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven
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