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We are here to help you navigate the clownish hellscape of modernity with the mightiest weapons and surest defence a Christian can have – the Holy Rosary and the friendship of the Church Triumphant!

The Daily Decade Prayercast

Your Daily Decade 2 No. 26

The Assumption, like incorruptibility, is merely a physical manifestation of a spiritual reality. How many of us can claim to be present before God at all times?

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S7E14: Who Crowns Our Lady? The Daily Decade

Today's Daily Decade, for the Feast of St. Lawrence, offers prayers for Vernon, that he may grow in closeness to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. We beg the intercession of St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother for this intention. Today's reflection is about the Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, what it means when we say "Our Lady", and how we render service to God by honoring His Mother.
  1. S7E14: Who Crowns Our Lady?
  2. S7e13: The Love of the Child Jesus in the Temple
  3. S7E12: Your Way to the Cross
  4. S7E11: The Assumption of Our Hearts, Minds, and Souls
  5. S7E10: The Presentation and the Temple

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